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Welcome to WAIIC

Welcome to Wealth Academy Investors Inner Circle!

This is a community of Wealth Academy Graduates who meet regularly to share and learn together. We hold monthly meetings in different Cities such as Singapore, KL, Penang, Jakarta, Kuching, and materials from those meetings are uploaded to this website.  This WAIIC website is a valuable repository of news, research, education and discussion material that has been created by the community.

The vibrancy of this community depends on the active participation and contribution of members. It is a requirement of all members to join a Team, who will then be scheduled to do Stock Presentations.  Be warned that inactive or non-contributing members, especially those who do not to join a Team (or have been kicked out of their Team), will not have their membership renewed.

Having said that, you will find great benefits if you are an active member.  You will make friends, learn from each other, share experiences and make some money in the process. In fact, if you are an active member, most likely your membership will be renewed for free.

This is brand-new website, and there are many new features.  Do explore and check them out.  Click on the different tabs on the menu and bash around.  Or click on the Guides and learn about this Wesbite and its features in step-by-step manner.

Warm Regards,
William Tan
President, WAIIC (International) and WAIIC(Singapore)